Procedure Model

Type:    (X)Web Page              (  )CGI Script              (  )Shared Library      (  )System API

Name: vol/index.html

Assigned to:



This pure HTML page allows the volunteer to choose between processing applications for accounts and upgrades and processing financial transactions.

Implementation Skills


Parameter List


Called By:

Directly by the user. Page is behind htaccess controls.

Can Call:


 vol/acct.html (Phase 3)

Function Description

The volunteer can choose:

  • a link to listapps.cgi to get a list of all new account applications for processing;
  • a link to upgrades.cgi to get a list of all upgrade requests to existing accounts;
  • a link to receipts.cgi to process a receipt to a renewal invoice;
  • a link to invoices.html to select the options before creating a new invoice cycle or sending statements to accounts;
  • a link to acct.html to get a list of available account management options so the volunteer can view or alter the user’s account history or settings (Phase 3)

Possible Exit Conditions and Return Values


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Membership Committee or GPFN Board Designate