Procedure Model

Type:    (  )Web Page              (  )CGI Script              (  )Shared Library      (X )System API

Name: sys/add_db

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This function is a stub to create a new database and provide read/write access to a new or existing member. It currently manages a manual workflow process but can be automated in the future.

Implementation Skills


Parameter List

Database_name, Username, Password

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Function Description

  1. E-mail the request to the system administrator to set up a new database with access for the user with the Username parameter. This user should have complete access with grant privileges to the database with the password supplied through the Password parameter.
  2. Log this entry to the log/csuite file

Possible Exit Conditions and Return Values

Currently, this function will always be successful (returning 0). In the future, it will return a –1 if the database creation failed for some reason.

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