Affinity Program

As a holdover from the default implementation of Csuite, a number of current GPFN memberships are held as “family” memberships. This is a membership category  employed by the Chebucto Community Network but never formally adopted by GPFN. However, a small number of members found an orphaned page on GPFN’s web site and sent in a cheque for $40 for a family membership. GPFN decided to honour this membership option.

During the JAD session, GPFN stakeholders decided that they wanted any new system to have the option of supporting family memberships. Upon further discussion, it was agreed that the new system should have the capability of supporting a number of “aggregator” type accounts. Another example of such an account would be a company or non-profit group who has given a donation to the Free-Net. In exchange for the donation, GPFN would provide memberships at a reduced cost or at no cost to members of that company or group.

Such an “affinity” program would give GPFN a way of forming and cultivating strategic partnerships with other community groups and would necessitate a special pricing  option for some members who also belong to the partnering organization.