Procedure Model

Type:    (X)Web Page              (  )CGI Script              (  )Shared Library      (  )System API

Name: user/apply.html

Assigned to:



This HTML page contains a form to gather the information required to process an application to the GPFN

Implementation Skills

HTML, HTML Forms, Javascript

Parameter List

Query String must contain value “UA_accept”

Called By:


Can Call:


Function Description

The URL to which the user arrives must be “user/apply.html?UA_accept”. If the “?UA_accept” portion of the URL is missing, they should be redirected to the user/join.html page.

If the UA_accept parameter is received the page displays an HTML form.

This form must first query the viewer for the type of account they want. A pop-up menu named “Membership_Class” should list “Registered User”, “Individual Member” and “Institutional Member and send values “Registered”, “Individual”, and “Institution” respectively.

The form must also obtain the following data from the user. Items marked with a (*) are required and must be present before the form is processed:

*User_Salutation (popup one of Mr., Mrs., Ms., Dr., Rev.,)
*User_Organization (only required for an Institutional Membership)
*User_Title (only required for an Institutional Membership)
*User_Age (If under 18 and needing a parent’s approval for an account)
*User_InitialPassword (entered as a password field of 6-8 characters. Users should be told to only use letters, numbers, and underscores and to NOT use any real word variation of a real word, any variation of their name or username)

If the application is for an individual or institutional membership the following fields must also be gathered
Upgrade_UserName (the requested username by the prospective member)
Upgrade_toPPP (check box: True=”1” default: False=’0’)
Upgrade_toDB (check box: True=”1” default: False=’0’)
Upgrade_DBName (textfield—only meaningful if Upgrade_toDB is checked)
Upgrade_toVirtualDomain (check box: True=”1” default: False=’0’)
Upgrade_VirtualDomainName (textfield—only meaningful if Upgrade_ toVirtualDomain is checked)
Upgrade_toSSL (check box: True=”1” default: False=’0’)
Upgrade_toListserver (check box: True=”1” default: False=’0’)
Upgrade_ListserverName (textfield—only meaningful if Upgrade_toListserver is checked)
Upgrade_toAliases (user enters a number default: False=’0’)
Upgrade_AliasExtAddress (textfield—only meaningful if Upgrade_toAlias is checked)
Upgrade_AliasGPFNAddress (textfield—only meaningful if Upgrade_toAlias is checked
Upgrade_Quota1 (check box: True=”5” default: False=’0’)
Upgrade_Quota2 (check box: True=”5” default: False=’0’)
Upgrade_Quota3 (check box: True=”5” default: False=’0’)
All requests for upgrades should list the annual (and possibly with Javascript the pro-rated) amounts of the upgrade.

Possible Exit Conditions and Return Values

  1. If UA_accept parameter is missing, user is redirected back to user/join.html
  2. If any of the required fields listed above are left blank, the submit button should be disabled or the user should be directed to fill in these fields before proceeding.

Sign Off by:

Membership Committee or GPFN Board Designate