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Type:    (  )Web Page              ( X )CGI Script           (  )Shared Library      (  )System API

Name: vol/listapps.cgi

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This script lists the applications for accounts currently in a pending state and asks a volunteer to approve or delete the application

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add_quota(mnt_point, Mb)

Function Description

If the volunteer has selected the Delete button from a previous invocation of the form:

  1. Get the User_Number from the hidden field, then delete the User table record for this User, any Member table record for this user, any Upgrade_Request table record for this user where the Upgrade_ApprovedBy field is NULL, any Invoice table record where the Invoice_Number was in the Upgrade_Request record just deleted, and any Invoice_Item where the Invoice_Number is the Invoice_Number of the Invoice table record just deleted.

If the volunteer has selected the Approve button from a previous invocation of the form, perform the following steps:

  1. Call the sys/add_account configuration command, passing it the username (User_UserName), password (User_InitialPassword), and if there is a Member table record with this User_Number, the Member_Type value for this User_Number (one of "Institution" or "Individual"). If there is no corresponding Member table record for this User_Number, then it will pass the value of "User" as the value of the Member_Type parameter.
  2. If the Upgrade_toPPP is True, then call the add_ppp configuration command to add this user to the radiusd server.
  3. If the Upgrade_toDB is True, then call the add_db command with the name from the Upgrade_DBName value and the Username of the user making the request passed as parameters.
  4. If the Upgrade_Quota1 is greater than 0, then call the add_quota command with the parameters Sys_Quota1_Mnt, the value of the Upgrade_Quota1 multiplied by 1024, and the user’s Username who is making the request. Repeat this step for Quota2 and Quota3.
  5. If Upgrade_toVirtualDomain is True, then call add_virtualdomain with the name from the Upgrade_VirtualDomainName and the user’s Username and Groupname passed as parameters. The Groupname should be set to “users”, the default UNIX user group for new users.
  6. If Upgrade_toSSL is True, then call add_ssl with the value of the Service_VirtualDomainName (if one exists) or the value of the Upgrade_VirtualDomainName field.
  7. If Upgrade_toAliases is True, then verify that the Upgrade_AliasGPFNAddress is not a UserName assigned to another user by checking whether it exists in the User or Member tables and that it is not an existing Alias for another user by checking whether it exists in the E-mail Alias table. If the alias is not assigned, then call the add_alias command with the values from the Upgrade_AliasExtAddress and Upgrade_AliasGPFNAddress as parameters.
  8. If Upgrade_toListserver is True, then call the add_listserver command with the name from the Upgrade_ListserverName and the user’s Username as parameters.
  9. Update the User table record, the Upgrade table record, the Member table record and the Services table record by inserting the value of the REMOTE_USER variable into the User_EnteredBy, Upgrade_ApprovedBy, Services_EnteredBy, and Member_EnteredBy fields. Set the User_IsActive field to “Active” from “Pending”. Set the User_ExpiryDate to December 31 of the current calendar year. Set the User_Status_Msg to “User account approved: <timestamp>” where timestamp is the current date.
  10. If the User is a member, then ensure that a record in the Services table exists for this user, even if that record contains only the default values for each field (i.e. the member has not upgraded to any additional services).
  11. Create a new receipt table record with the value of the Invoice_Number matching this User_Number, the User_Number, the current timestamp as the Receipt_Date, and the values from the CGI form for the values of Receipt_Amount, and Receipt_Payment_Type and REMOTE_USER as the Receipt_Entered_By.

For all invocations of the script including the first:

  1. Select all records in the User table where the User_IsActive field = “Pending”
  2. For each record found in step 1, list the following information in a formatted table for each record. Each table should contain an HTML form with a hidden field containing the User_Number.
  3. Display the User_FirstName, User_LastName, User_Initial, User_Salutation, User_Organization (if exists), User_Title (if exists), User_StreetAddress1, User_StreetAddress2 (if exists), User_City, User_Province, User_Country, User_PostalCode, User_HomePhone (if exists), User_WorkPhone (if exists), and User_Age. If any of the required fields listed in the specifications for user/apply.html are left blank, a warning message should be displayed to the volunteer.
  4. In addition to the above fields, if a record exists in the Member table with this same User_Number perform the following additional steps:
  • Check if there is a record in the Upgrade table for this User_Number where Upgrade_ApprovedBy is NULL. If there is, display a series of checkboxes and textfields listing the following fields from that table:
    Upgrade_toPPP (checkbox)
    Upgrade_toDB (checkbox) and show Upgrade_DBName (textfield) if Upgrade_toDB is True
    Upgrade_Quota1 (textfield)
    Upgrade_Quota2 (textfield)
    Upgrade_Quota3 (textfield)
    Upgrade_toVirtualDomain (checkbox) and show Upgrade_VirtualDomainName (textfield) if Upgrade_toVirtualDomain is True
    Upgrade_toSSL (checkbox)
    Upgrade_toAliases (textfield) and show Upgrade_AliasExtAddress (textfield) and Upgrade_AliasGPFNAddress(textfield if Upgrade_toAliases is an integer > 0
    Upgrade_toListserver (checkbox) and Upgrade_ListserverName (textfield) if Upgrade_toListserver is True
  • Get the Invoice table record with this User_Number and display the Invoice_Date and Invoice_Amount.
  • Display a textfield named Receipt_Amount and a radio button array named Receipt_Payment_Type with values “Cash”, “Cheque”, “In-Kind”, “Visa”, or “MasterCard”.
  1. Display a “Approve” Submit Button and a “Delete” Submit Button for each Form.

Possible Exit Conditions and Return Values

  1. If there are no pending applications, the list should be empty and volunteers can click a link to return to vol/index.html or the GPFN home page.
  2. Any application from the list can be left it is current pending state, deleted from the system, or approved.

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