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Name: vol/receipts.cgi

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This script gets a list of all unpaid invoices and displays them to the volunteer so that the volunteer can apply receipts against them.

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Function Description

If the script has been called by a previous invocation of this same script as determined by the value of the Submit button being “Apply Receipt”:

  1. Create a new Receipt record with the values of the Invoice_Number hidden field, the User_Number for this invoice, the Receipt_Date being the current date, the Receipt_Amount being the amount entered from the CGI form, the Receipt_Payment_Type being the value entered from the CGI form, and the Receipt_EnteredBy field being set to REMOTE_USER.
  2. If the sum of a Receipt_Amounts in the Receipt table where the Invoice_Number corresponds to the Invoice_Number passed through the CGI form is equal to or greater than the value of the Invoice record’s Invoice_Amount for this Invoice_Number, then set the User_Expiry_Date one year past its current date. (i.e. the Invoice has been paid in full).

For all invocations through this script, even the first, perform the following steps:

  1. Get a list of all Invoices from the Invoice table where the User_IsActive = ‘Active’ of the corresponding User_Number and where the sum of all Receipt_Amounts in the Receipt table with this Invoice_Number is less than the Invoice_Amount (i.e. the invoice has not been fully paid).
  2. Display a table to the volunteer. For each Invoice returned in step 1, create a row in a table that contains a form. Set the Invoice_Number as a hidden field within each form.
  3. Each row will also include: the User’s first and last name, the User’s username, and the value of the User_Since, User_Expiry_Date, and the value of the corresponding Member_Type field in the corresponding Member table. Also display the Invoice_Date, the Invoiced_Medium, the Invoice_Amount, and the sum of any Receipt_Amounts already applied against the Invoice. Present a textfield with the default value set to the difference of the Invoice_Amount less the sum of all Receipt_Amounts applied against this Invoice. Display a radio button array with the values “Cash”, “Cheque”, “In-Kind”, “Visa”, and “MasterCard”. Each row will also include a submit button with the name “Apply Receipt”

Possible Exit Conditions and Return Values

The script should always return successfully. If no outstanding invoices exist, an empty list should be presented. Volunteers can always click on a link to take them to the vol/index.html or GPFN main page.

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