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This function returns a string containing the next available sequential username following the format aannn where “a” denotes an alphabetic, lowercase character and “n” denotes a digit. For example, if the last username assigned by this function was aa999, the function will test that ab000 is not assigned and if it is free, will assign it. Otherwise, the function will test for ab001 and so on.

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Function Description

  1. Open the /usr/local/csuite/etc/lastacct file if one exists. If this is the first time the script is ever called, this file will have to be created.
  2. The contents of the lastacct file should include the last created username. If it does not, assume that the lastacct has value “aa000.” Read this username into a variable and increment it according to the algorithm described in the description section above. Write this new incremented value back to the lastacct file, deleting all previous content.
  3. Test this newly incremented value using the function. If this new username passes this test return this new username to the calling procedure. Otherwise, repeat steps 2 and 3 until this test is successful.

Possible Exit Conditions and Return Values

The function returns the value of the next available sequentially assigned username as a scalar value.

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