The author is very grateful to the members of the Needs-Assessment Committee of the Great Plains Free-Net Inc. for their many hours of work, meetings, reflection, and collective wisdom and support. Besides the report author who served as chair, the committee consisted of: Mark Biegler, Florence Duesterbeck, Allan Heselton, Luc Lang, Gloria Materi, Gail Mitchell, Daniela Ortmann, Dan Ruiu, Jean-Pierre Picard, Beverly Muntain, Fiona Black, Steve Solies, and Ian Silver.

The authors and the Great Plains Free-Net also express their profound thanks to Bob and Leah McDonald for their work at analyzing and entering the raw survey scores into the database, Bob Whitham for arranging and coordinating the volunteers, and to SaskTel for donating the facilities necessary for completing the survey.

As well, profound gratitude is extended to those volunteered their evenings to conduct the survey: Daryle Niedermayer, Hugh Campbell, Robert Mills, Ashok Sil, Carol Reyda, Henry Grolle, Jeremy Bulmer, Marie Sakon, Bob Stone, Todd Peterson, Gord Williams, Beverly Muntain, Art Frolick, Ron Grant, Bernard Vander Ziel, Tyson Brown, Neel Amin, Kimberly Lafferty-Stonier, Gloria Materi, Allan Heselton, Penny Walker, John Allen, Robert Mills, Angela Batiste, Vivien Cartmell, Guy Barnabe, Jean Liboiron, Charles Morgan, Jeremy Schubert, Daniela Ortman, Bob Barschel, Jose Moran, Gail Mitchell, John Geis, Ashburn Johnson, Bob Whitham, Joy Campbell Eric Rankin, and Stephen Fernandez.

This study was funded by the members of the Great Plains Free-Net Inc. and is copyrighted, 1995, all rights reserved.