Implementation Structure

As depicted in Figure 1 below, the develop effort can be broken into a number of conceptual parts:

  • Those volunteers knowledgeable in HTML will primarily develop the Web Interface. Skills for these people should include HTML forms, graphic design and layout and site navigation expertise. A common visual theme should predominate these pieces. As well, these people will develop HTML snippets that will be incorporated by CGI Application developers when a CGI application needs to return a complete web page to the client.
  • CGI Applications will leverage people knowledgeable in PERL. These individuals should understand CGI applications, be conversant in PERL and preferably have some knowledge of SQL and how to embed database calls within PERL scripts.
  • Shared Libraries will require people very knowledgeable in PERL. Ideally, these libraries should use PERL or Object-Oriented PERL objects for functionality such as maintaining persistent user sessions.
  • The Relational Database will use MySQL. If CGI application developers are not sufficiently conversant to embed SQL calls within their applications, an SQL-PERL specialist may perform this specialized function.
  • The System Configuration APIs will likely be written in Shell script or compiled C. They will require developers with the highest skills and most likely root access to the host machine.

Figure 1