Make Cardholder Order Sequence

Make Cardholder Order Sequence Diagram

A cardholder order is a much simpler sequence because no interaction with the cardholder is required. Instead, the merchant is responsible for gathering all this information and passing it directly to a URL directly tied to the Transaction Verifier. The Transaction Verifier then does initial processing of the order to ensure that all required data is present and then performs some preliminary data validation. For example, it checks that the card number is a correctly formed number with a valid expiry date. Missing information is obtained from the Merchant Configuration database. If required information is still missing or any error is detected, program flow passes to the Transaction Responder, which creates a Response object documenting the error. This object is then used to return an XML message back to the merchant over the HTTP connection that initially sent the transaction.

If no error is generated, the transaction processing then proceeds as in a Shopping Cart Order use case. The exception is that no response to the user is required and the merchant response can be sent back over the same HTTP connection that initiated the transaction in the first place.