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Type:    (X)Web Page              (  )CGI Script              (  )Shared Library      (  )System API

Name: vol/invoices.html

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This HTML/Javascript page allows the volunteer to choose the options before generating new invoices or reminder notices. The volunteer can choose to generate an annual invoice cycle for all members, display an invoice for a particular user, generate an annual invoice for a particular user, display statements for all members, or display a statement for a particular user.

As well, the form allows the volunteer to choose to e-mail the statements or invoices to the user, or to print them to the screen, or to print them to a tab delimited file which can be downloaded. The number and identity of the invoices or statements e-mailed or displayed in this way corresponds to the choices made in the preceding paragraph.

Implementation Skills

HTML, Javascript, HTML forms

Parameter List


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Function Description

The HTML form gathers the following information before passing the data to the geninvoice.cgi script:

  1. *Invoice_Count (Radio Button set to “1” or “all”)
  2. User_UserName (Textfield matching the data definition entry and must be filled in with the UserName of the User for whom the invoice/statement is to be created only if the Invoice_Count is set to “1”)
  3. *Type_Switch (Radio Button set to “NewInvoice”, “ExistingInvoice” or “Statement”. These values will have English equivalences such as “Generate New User Invoices”, “View an Existing User Invoice”, or “Print User Statements”. Javascript should implement the rule that if Invoice_Count is set to 1, then the NewInvoice option is NOT available.
  4. *Medium_Switch (Radio Button set to “E-Mail” or “Screen”

A Submit button forwards the form data to the geninvoice.cgi. A Cancel button returns the volunteer to the vol/index.cgi page.

Possible Exit Conditions and Return Values

The form and Javascript should correctly handle all data exceptions. Data should be passed to the geninvoice.cgi script. Cancels should return control to index.html

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Membership Committee or GPFN Board Designate