System Usage

Of those households which have a computer and modem, less than a third have speeds under 14.4 kilobaud. Users saw themselves logging on between 2-4 times a month and daily.

Figure 15: Modem SpeedsFigure 15: Maximum modem transmission rates among those respondents who know the speed of their modem.

48% of respondents stated that they saw themselves logging onto the system in the early evening (6-9PM) with a much smaller group (11.4%) looking forward to late evening (9-11PM). Early afternoon (12-3PM) was the least likely time for logons (1.4%). 21.8% did not know or gave no response as to their preferred logon times.

Respondents saw themselves logging on weekdays (28.6%) or all days equally (30.0%). Saturdays were preferred by 12.7% while Sundays were only favoured by 5% of respondents.

Most people felt a maximum access time of 30 minutes to 2 hours was a fair length of time for registered users.

Figure 16: Anticipated Frequency of LogonsFigure 16: Anticipated frequency of logons to the GPFN system among those users who said they would become registered users.

Figure 17: Maximum Anticipated Daily AccessFigure 17: Desired maximum daily access among those respondents who said they would become GPFN registered users.

Figure 18: Preferred Access TimeFigure 18: Preferred time to day for logging onto the system.