Computer Use

Out of 457 responses, 38.5% stated that they had a computer and 50% of these households have modems. An additional 10.7% of respondents are planning to purchase a computer within 2 years. Based on people's intentions, within two years, over 68% of home computers will be accompanied with modems.

An additional 7.4% of respondents stated that they do not own computers and have no immediate intention of purchasing one, but are interested in using public terminals to access the Free-Net. As well 51% of those who either own or are planning to own computers are also interested in public access terminals in libraries and other public places.

For the remainder of the study, 235 completed full forms were used for the analysis.

In total over 37% of respondents will have the hardware to access the Free-Net or are interested in using public access terminals.

Table 1: Computer and Modem ownership and future ownership as a percentage of total sample.
  % of Total Cum. %
Have computer 38.5 38.5
Plan to purchase computer 5.5 44.0
Have modem 19.3 19.3
Plan to purchase modem 10.7 30.0


Table 2: Interest in using public access terminals among those with or planning to buy home computers and those with no plan to own a home computer
  % of Total Cum. %
Own or plan to buy a computer 24.7 24.7
No plan to own a computer 7.4 32.1