Randomized phone calls were made to residential numbers listed in the Regina City phone directory on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday evenings in May 1995. Interviewers sought out the member of the household "over the age of 13 who uses a computer most frequently or is most likely to use a computer."

For calls where the correct person was not home or there was no answer, the same number was called back up to three times on successive evenings to avoid selection bias.

When the correct respondent was obtained, a brief survey querying whether the respondent had a computer and modem, and if not, whether the respondent was planning to purchase a computer within the next two years, was asked. If both of these were answered in the negative, respondents were asked if they were interested in accessing the Free-Net through public terminals. If this question was also answered in the negative, the survey was terminated.

Including call backs, disconnected numbers and no answers, a total of 1440 attempted calls resulted in 774 contacts. Of these, 457 screening surveys were completed and 235 went on to complete full surveys.